Graphic Designer


Case Study: MY SISTER Organization

Challenge: The current email marketing campaign wasn’t consistent with MY SISTER’s updated brand image and needed a design refresh. Previous email marketing efforts had been successful, but not extraordinary, with slow list growth and few conversions. MY SISTER also wanted to pack more information, photography and shopable products to their emails. I would need to work closely with the Founder & CEO of MY SISTER and present several different design options to better nail down their vision.

Strategy: Working collaboratively with the MY SISTER team, I developed several layout options to help hone in on their vision. I started with a rough UX plan for each layout idea and filled in with edited photography, content, product shots, and Call to Action buttons. Once a concept was chosen, I would refine the design and continue the theme throughout the email marketing campaign. Often times the email designs would coordinate with a web banner which I also designed to further reinforce the concept and drive conversions.

Results: Ultimately, I was able to create several strong email campaigns that packed a punch. More information about the MY SISTER mission was included in the emails with careful layout design and more links to blog posts. My emails also featured new photography that stands on its own and tells more of a story than words ever could. Finally, I encouraged more conversions with product shots and large SHOP NOW buttons that led directly to the website.

Kerry GalbraithComment