Graphic Designer


With a start in Product Development in Chicago and New York, I have been immersed in the design world for the past decade.

Having worked with clients like American Girl, Sears, and Claire's, my experience is wide ranging and my career is ever evolving. Recently, my scope has expanded to include visual identity and digital marketing. 

I love to think conceptually and develop a visual identity for my clients, always considering their end goal and target market. I create user-centered design that solves problems.

A lifelong lover of writing, I also enjoy creating content for my clients. Blog posting on behalf of my clients gives me a new and interesting way to express myself creatively, while amplifying my clients' voice.

My areas of expertise include:

Branding + Identity
Print Design
Corporate Event Design
Trend Forecasting & Product Design
Web Design & Digital Marketing

For all freelance inquiries, or for samples of my writing, please contact me here.