Challenge:  Minnesota Hybrid Batteries needed a simple source of information to send prospective customers and capture leads. The team at Minnesota Hybrid Batteries was spending too much time on the phone and needed a more efficient way to educate customers on their services, prices, etc. The company also needed a fresh identity that captured their eco-conscious mission.   Strategy:  In order to accurately capture the Minnesota Hybrid Batteries mission, I researched competitors and various eco-conscious companies offering a variety of products and services. I worked with the team at Minnesota Interactive to find a simple template that would give us a basis for the website.   Results:  I was able to design a simple, effective website featuring that delivers pertinent information to customers. With a simple lead capture on each page, the website promises to bring in new customers. The brand identity is clean and communicates an eco-friendly mission and is easily replicated on social media and various printed collateral.
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